Dear Friends of Lincoln Institute

Dear Friend of the Lincoln Institute:

“The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”

That observation by Thomas Jefferson over 200 years ago is as true today as it was in colonial America.

Here in Pennsylvania, where the birth of a new nation was proclaimed from the steps of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, it is especially important that we stay true to our historic roots and maintain vigilance over the affairs of our national, state and local governments

Today, I am writing to ask for your help in our efforts to protect our liberties and preserve our personal freedoms.

As a reader of the Lincoln Institute’s web sites, recipient of our polling updates and opinion columns, and listener to our radio programs, you know that we champion free enterprise, individual liberty and common-sense conservative values.

We are unique among organizations in that we take our message to both a national and a statewide audience. Our nationally-syndicated American Radio Journal reaches listeners in 40 states through our network of over 150 radio stations. Here in Penn’s Woods, Lincoln Radio Journal airs on over 80 radio stations. We publish our own material on the internet at Plus, we accumulate the work of over 30 conservative organizations and writers on

Additionally, as we have since our founding nearly 20 years ago, we “take the pulse of Pennsylvania” through our polling, survey research and Public Opinion Court focus group projects. We recently completed our Spring 2012 Keystone Business Climate Survey of employers and business owners, and will be releasing results of additional polling projects over the summer months.

With the most liberal administration in history now controlling the federal government, and spending interests pressuring the governor and legislature in Harrisburg, there has never been a more critical time for our voice to be heard.

But, we are running into a problem and I need your help.

We are a nonprofit educational foundation, which means we don’t have clients. We rely solely on voluntary contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations to finance our programs. The cost of polling, producing and distributing our radio programs and maintaining our web sites are all paid for by these voluntary contributions.

I’ve done everything I can to cut expenses. But the plain facts are costs are going up.

That is why I need your help.

We have been fortunate that despite the recession our traditional donors have continued to support our work. But because of these difficult economic times some have had to reduce their contributions, and others have not able to give us more money so that we can cover the rising costs of continuing all of our projects.

So, I’m asking you today to send the most generous tax-deductible contribution you can.

I know you agree with me that our great nation can only survive and prosper so long as we heed Thomas Jefferson’s call to “eternal vigilance.” Both nationally and here in Pennsylvania, the work of the Lincoln Institute through public opinion polling, our radio programs, web sites and educational projects is providing that vigilance.

Can you help us meet the need by sending me $200.00, $100.00, $ 50.00, or whatever you can afford to help us maintain and expand our efforts on the critical issues which affect our lives, our futures – and most importantly, the Pennsylvania we leave for our children and grandchildren?

This is such a critical year. It would be a terrible shame if we couldn’t energize the debate on such important issues as reducing taxes and spending, fostering a business climate that creates jobs, checking the power of the labor unions and giving Pennsylvania families the right to choose their own schools just because we lack the funding to do the job.
Can I count on you?

If you have been looking for a way to make a real difference and get involved, please CLICK HERE to send the most generous tax-deductible contribution you can afford.



Chairman & CEO

P.S.    Remember, we cannot continue these projects without your contribution. CLICK HERE to make your donation to the Lincoln Institute. (If you can’t afford a large contribution at one time, you can become a recurring monthly donor.)

P.S.    If you do not wish to contribute over the Internet, contributions by check can be made payable to the Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research and mailed to:

Lincoln Institute

5405 Jonestown Road, Suite # 110

Harrisburg, PA 17112

P.S.    The Lincoln Institute is a 501c(3) non-profit educational foundation, so any donation you make is fully tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Can I please hear from you today?

The Lincoln Institute is classified by the IRS as a 501c3 educational foundation.

The Lincoln Institute does not support candidates for public office or proposed legislation at any level. The Lincoln Institute is registered with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations.

Registration does not imply endorsement.

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