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This Week on Lincoln Radio Journal: Simon Campbell Stops Teacher Strikes

Radio program Schedule for the Week of: October 22, 2011 – October 28, 2011

This week on American Radio Journal:

  • Lowman Henry talks with Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch about their report on the Obama Administration’s policy czars
  • Andy Roth of the Club for Growth has the Real Story on congressional budget maneuvering and an update on the GOP Presidential race
  • Colin Hanna of Let Freedom Ring, USA has an American Radio Journal commentary on why Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan is so popular.

This week on Lincoln Radio Journal:

  • Lowman Henry talks with Simon Campbell of Stop Teacher Strikes, Inc. about the Strike Free Education Act
  • Joe Geiger of the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations has Ifoma Aduba of A Women’s Place in the Nonprofit Spotlight
  • Scott Paterno has an Uncomfortable Truth commentary on why states should be policy laboratories.

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